New Immigrant Services

New Immigrant Services

Where should I live? How do I get my children into school? How do I use public transportation? If I’m sick, where should I go? Arriving in Chicago directly from a village in China is overwhelming to many new immigrants. Because many new immigrants come to register for our English classes soon after they arrive, they often turn to us for help in other ways as well.

Our program provides help to individuals and families through providing information and counseling to those who need help. While many come in with very simple issues such as getting their gas turned on in their apartment, this often opens them up to share deeper problems such as frustrations about raising kids in the U.S. or marital problems. As we hope to be the first stop that immigrants make when they arrive in Chinatown, we distribute Welcome Bags to immigrant families who have been here less than a year. These bags are donated by volunteer and church groups and include household items such as shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels and soap. We also include a New Immigrant Guidebook, a CTA map and a copy of the Gospel of Luke in Chinese.

By offering community workshops, the program helps new immigrant families be better informed of various community issues such as immigration, welfare, labor law etc. It also encourages them to get involved, participate and contribute back to the community. Just as the Bible encourages us to care for the orphans, widows and aliens, our program wants to help new immigrants rebuild a sense of belonging and to understand God’s love for them.

For more information, please contact Wing Sun Tam at or at (312)328-1188 x205.

Serve the New Immigrant Community. Be a translator for a new immigrant when they first go to a hospital, school or a government office. Assist them as they try to fill out forms for special programs or help them practice for a citizenship interview. Adopt an immigrant family, be a workshop speaker or make a welcome bag. These are all ways for you to reach out and care for an immigrant struggling to adapt to their new life in America. Click here for New Immigrant HB 2017 (Simplified) and New Immigrant HB 2017 (Traditional).