David Wu is our founding Executive Director. He enjoys camping and worshipping at CCUC where he grew up attending. He is married to Jane and has three children.

Dai Vay To is our CCUC’s Outreach Pastor to Pui Tak. He speaks five languages including English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Teochow. His wife Sochun joyfully serves with Rev. To in various Outreach activities. They have two grown sons.

Karen Lee is our Assistant to the Director. She oversees our children’s program. She is married to Rev. Ming Lee, CCUC’s Mandarin Pastor. They have four grown children.

Tiffany Man is our Youth Program Coordinator. She attends the Carmel Fellowship at CCUC and enjoys volunteering and reaching out to youths in her spare time.

Wing Sun Tam is our Community Services Specialist. She enjoys jogging, singing, meeting new friends and chatting with long-time friends.

Rosalie Der is our Disability Services Facilitator. Her hobbies include baking, trying new recipes, card-making, and quilting.  She’d be more than happy to swap recipes and ideas with you.

Walt Schoenfuhs is our Adult Education and Training Manager. He loves to read, especially history – American and Chinese in particular; and loves to cook American cuisine, but has dabbled in Chinese. He enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren; and traveling to new places and returning to favorite places.

Ivy Lee is our Student Data Manager. She holds the title of having the most best friends in Pui Tak. Outside of work, she balances being a wife, a mother, a Sunday School teacher, and a fairy godmother.

Sandy Louie works in the Adult ESL Program as the Workforce Transition Specialist. In her work, she supports ESL students who are trying to prepare for vocational training and jobs.

Sarah Swetz Huang is our Adult ESL Educational Support Manager and works closely with 1-on-1 tutors and the ESL teachers. Coming from Seattle, in her free time she likes to drink coffee, go for runs along the lake, sing karaoke, and continue learning Mandarin. She is married to Chuck who works as a computer programmer.

Man Ying Tam has been at the Pui Tak Center almost from the very beginning. In addition to his work as Computer Center Coordinator, he helps staff with their IT, equipment and building problems, and program publicity. He is married to Nicole and has 2 children.

Jan Mei is our receptionist and also schedules lessons in our music program. She is married to Jason and is developing into a good cook.